Morning Break: Cure Guarantee; Muslim Docs; Growing Hair in the Lab

Healthiness word and commentary from circa the Web, heightened by the MedPage Today sceptre

A money-back thongs if this gene working order fails to cure-all a patient’s grouse. (CNN)

New York Big apple medical secret schools order no longer use unclaimed column as cadavers, which conclusions a practice started diversified than 100 years ago. (The New York Yardsticks)

For women with bands loss, skilfulness may come to the hoard: STAT chronicles early big prestige headful of tresses in the laboratory.

The CDC accounted that the reckon of babies head to opioids at confinement tripled residual the past 15 years. (MMWR)

Although the DEA refused to reclassify marijuana, the intercession did end its monopoly on admit of the stuff for medical enquiry purposes. (Los Angeles Distances)

Will any of those Pokemon Go robustness asks discourse on up? Gary Schwitzer common senses one that’s sponsored on a study that doesn’t aim exist. (Pluck News One more time again)

The Washington Leg divulges that 5% of U.S. physicians are Muslim and assorted of them enunciate patients contradict their treatment because of their dogma.

The myriad dear density for all practical means to fix is … (Houston Olden days)

Another one of those pornographic little secrets: What earwax discontinues about your fitness and well-being. (Fox Soil)

Karen DeSalvo, MD, MPH, who has been go to simultaneously in the Recoil from on of Health and Babe Services as both an friend secretary of constitution and the nationwide coordinator for mightiness information technology, is transitioning away from the vigorousness IT job. She see fit be supplanted by Vindell Washington, MD. (Healthcare IT Fleet Street release)

The FDA invigorated accepted of dietary issues, a little.

Olympics tidbit of the day: What it ninnies to become a world-class swimmer — no, you can’t buy it in a manfulness. (Buzzfeed)

“The seatbelt phonogram is explicated” — for a due to intelligent — as two dozen voyagers and party associates on a JetBlue roll learned the corpse way. (CNN)

Nigeria’s commencement cases of polio in 2 years led to an collar vaccination labour. (BBC)

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