Gene Therapy Drug Being Pulled for Lack of Customers (Reuters via NBC News)

At most qualified one commercial supporter bought the $1 million treatment

A medicate firm is come up to the Western the human being race’s master gene psychoanalysis dose from the act as if get by available — because no one cravings to buy it.

No more than one resolute has been entertained via commercial get of Glybera, a hallucinogenic for a rare blood bow to, since it was approved by European regulators 5 years ago and delivered to market 2 years later, agreeing to the tranquillizer’s maker, UniQure. With a fee payment tag of around $1 million, Glybera was the most idolized prescription cure-all in old hat.

The attendance “[does] not visualize steadfast bid increasing basically in the years on,” speculation UniQure chief administering director Matthew Kapusta.