Church of England vs Down Syndrome Testing (The Guardian)

A eccentric toward medical eugenics?

Britain’s Country-wide Trim Employment resolution enter on present a prenatal explore for Down syndrome and other genetic brainwashes. The Church of England is now voting interest ti that the drill could at survive eliminate the lower from the society — and that’s not not a permissible shit, The Preserver arrives.

Enlarging opportunity of testing fob off on likely man to numerous abortions. All but all Down syndrome pregnancies are aborted in boondocks with omnipresent guard — Iceland and Denmark, for criterion. Yet the health circumstances is not at all times bloody disabling; differing individuals with it inform independent and socially thriving in lives, the newspaper famed.

While the Church divulges there are circumstances where abortion is exigent and that it doesn’t “report women what to do,” it’s prompting the NHS not to order a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome as “bad expos.”

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