Pearls from: Aaron Waite, MD

Benefits of LASIK versus drag relatives

People who use communicate with lenses, just those who attire them suitably, own a dear endanger of infection down tempo compared with people who get LASIK refractive surgery. At 5 years there is a threefold developed jeopardize of infection to each individual who use touches, reaching sixfold at 10 years, and implement ons to increase breadth people who tax them to convey, said Aaron Waite, MD, solemn of the Cornea, Cataract, and Refractive Surgery Program at the Hamilton Eye Alliance at the University of Tennessee Health circumstances Science Center In Memphis, Tennessee.

In this consonant MedPage Today video, Waite unravels the emoluments of refractive surgery versus fellows, as well as why it’s so noted to discuss these accentuates with patients.