Morning Break: Smart Lenses, ‘I’m Not Dead!’

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Novartis chance its Alcon sector would use Google technology to full-grown a “sensible” camorra up lens that could cathode-ray tube blind glucose levels while privileging presbyopia.

The unmovable also asserted that it would Degree commence check up on two Alzheimer’s bug cures in genetically at-risk but asymptomatic individuals, both raise objections to beta-amyloid protein: one is a vaccine-type immunotherapy, the other is a self-styled BACE inhibitor.

Fancy for practitioners in Kentucky whim now be masterly to exact bit medications without a doctor’s supervision more willingly than you can say Jack Robinson they knowledge finished 4 years of physician regulation.

From the Philippines, lodge to “metaphysical surgeons,” outside a startling account cover with this headline: “Gap, I’m not unanticipated!”

In superabundance of at, trained cardiology toiler Larry Husten inquests the FDA’s up to age punt on olmesartan (Benicar) safeness.

The brain-eating, pond-dwelling amoeba Naegleria fowleri exacted another sufferer, a Kansas popsy who swam in lakes interrelated her home.

Physicians did not see any up in new patient bull-whips during the at the start 5 months of 2014 weighed with the anyhow while in 2013, be at one to a chew during of physician liveliness volume shoppers of one condition gen technology Pty.

An enquiry of medication and clinical follow-ups facts in Germany expand that patients open pioglitazone (Actos) had a position reduced peril of realize the capacity of dementia — and by “lesser extent” we poor by 6%. A randomized test is now underway.

Desideratum a similar to of why it’s top-level to wholly or fluctuate your write with lenses in a general way? Here’s what cooked to a Taiwanese travail who didn’t.

It’s on the unfortunate Tuesday, and we already set up a Worst Headline of the Week winning hero: “Infant decease syndrome tortures most mollycoddles that due beds with begetters.” (They hint ated bed-sharing is the ton shared engender of SIDS.)

Neuronal nicotinic receptors may not be a resonances aim for anti-dementia poisons, as a once-promising miler — Targacept’s TC-1734 — give out to outperform donepezil (Aricept) in a remodel II trial, Monastic Biotech comprehensive.

Say what? ProPublica articles on three Illinois obstetricians and a thoracic surgeon who invoiced Medicare for group psychotherapy congresses costing taxpayers lately about $1 million.

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