Morning Break: Iceland’s Circumcision Ban; Peanut Allergy Success; ‘Bachelor’ Brain

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Iceland get protection ways to ban circumcision performed “for non-medical talk floor withs,” start up enormity from Jewish and Muslim concert-masters. (BBC)

An verbal immunotherapy for peanut allergy in stems met its primary endpoint in a cease III trial, held manufacturer Aimmune Therapeutics. (Aimmune Therapeutics)

Cardiovascular threat gauged via retinal casting. (Sort Biomedical Rigging)

A eddy in measles protections hit Europe subsist year, with a four-fold escalation from 2016 and 35 ruins. (BBC)

Erroneous or inconsistent use of birth control as a contributor to teen pregnancy highlights boundary lines in U.S. sex education. (New York Draws)

“Huffing” compressed air to have a bearing on a high has put its up to the minute fall guy, a 32-year-old manful abiding of New York Municipality. (Newsweek)

Researchers comprise catalogued 15 genes that conclude benevolent facial plate-marks, and the findings could be salutary to heterogeneous applicants, from facial reconstructive surgery to forensics. (ScienceDaily)

Acrid to circumvent eatables miasma? There’s an app for that! (NPR)

The FDA cast off PTC Therapeutics’ plead of the medium’s earlier rebuff of the company’s Duchenne husky dystrophy smoke ataluren.

Another toing in the Philippines’ Dengvaxia dispute: the government now in need ofs supplier Sanofi recompense it for derelict stockpiles of the now disputed dengue vaccine. (STAT Gossip)

How a simple Google search of attributes saved the duration of an English infant who was with accelerate diagnosed with smart myeloid leukemia. (Fox Expos)

This is your brooding on “The Bachelor.” (Washington Leg via

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