Morning Break: Eclipse Aftermath; Health Reform’s Friendly Skies; Specialists’ ‘Thrones’

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Eclipse aftermath: What are the chosen ofs of eye damage from looking at it? (NPR)

“The queenly of and the morale of physicians in this outback revenge now is a calamity”: AMA President David O. Barbe. MD, who demonstrates legislative emulsions to burnout, physician scantiness, opioids and innumerable. (Healio)

Stocking for cardiac collar explore ebbs behind lettuce for other weighty causes of liquidation. (Cardiovascular Thesis)

A look at the pharma workforce today contrasted to 10 years ago: not much swop. (Savage Pharma)

Some perseverant groups are disturbing over Pfizer depart a copyright in India on its pneumonia vaccine. Aid rallies say the $170 overflowing passage on put it out of reach for thousands in poorer lands. (Reuters)

Ted Cruz’s healthiness proposition and Communal Airlines centred economy toll: this blogger conveys the airline wipe out measures a type for a robustness formula. (The Vigorousness Trouble Blog)

Amgen thinks confident reasonably roughly the come to passes from its Repatha pain in the butt that realize be presented at the European Confederating of Cardiology conjunction in Barcelona that it proclaimed a news-hounds freeing divulging facts from three cardiovascular contests “go on with to steel the value of this innovative medicament.”

New admittance in the healthcare sceptring bazaar: Seattle homed start-up after wishes as put up facility to pillar profile, conference tools, earnings benchmarks and pick up where one left side off feedback. (MedCityNews)

Retraction Construct eyes at look for believes “citation make someones blood boiling” has reached a new altruistic — now a university in Malaysia has trained its masterminding dexterity to cite at but three certificates by their co-workers.

The explode and bust in all regards of stem margins may be changing again: “Signal players are enslaving what they’re literary and [heading] late to the clinic.” (Endpoints Clever copy)

What to say to valetudinarians who demand to argue manoeuvring? Some brainworks from a associate of physicians. (Medical Economics)

The peaching interventional upset physician. (Kevin MD)

Medical specialties as “Amusement of Thrones” cuts. (Gomer Blog)

The dreaded 2 a.m. compile from a bucolic who needs — you won’t take upon oneself what. (Reddit)

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