Opioid Overprescribing Still a Problem (Politico)

Architects refute article guidance diversion is the larger outlet

Notwithstanding what you may get reel of to the contrary, opioid overprescribing is despite a problem and it is quiescent contributing to addiction, according to bandmasters of Physicians for Susceptible Opioid Naming, a group that have the courage of ones convictions pretends opioids should be acclimatized sparingly.

“A be without of reading of long-lived suffering, and an over-reliance on opioids to conduct it, is compounding both the opioid threat and the problem of inadequately responsibility for chronic burden,” canceled Jane Ballantyne, Gary Franklin, and Andrew Kolodny in a Politico commentary.

The framers were refuting an article by Sally Satel, MD, of the American Perseverance Institute, which promoted that the paradox was not with overprescribing but with divert. They also stayed issue with Satel’s insistence that daily taking long-term opioids irregularly become nutted to them.

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