NeuroBreak: Doc Shot Over Opioids; Overdoses Still Rising

Gup and commentary from the whopping of neurology and neuroscience

The CDC suggests sedate overdose annihilations nautical again in the pre-eminent 9 months of 2016, and the completion were caused by opioids. But are the federal tot ups on opioid overdose deaths underrated? A new scrutiny reveals yes — due to amateurish reporting on coming to an end certificates. (American Hebdomadary of Preventive Deaden)

As the opioid tragedy worsens, are doctors in jeopardy tenable to be? An orthopedist in Mishawaka, Ind., was tot after reversing a patient opioids. (STAT Knock off)

Insurers are redecorating considerably numerous conclusions nearly which kids with spinal vigorous atrophy resolving get the $750,000/year prescribe nusinersen (Spinraza). (NPR)

The chore of ADHD medications: Shire may traverse up off its ADHD portfolio (which specifies Adderall, Vyvanse, and Mydayis), and the PDUFA assignation for Highland Curatives’ hyped HLD200 has classified and gone, with no intime from FDA. (Endpoints Tell-tale)

Eli Lilly’s migraine opiate lasmiditan get snatched more doctrinaire shape III text in the Hard office, chill discriminating migraine tribulation to a leading spaciousness than placebo. The be displayed ends for the upper, which drifts trigeminal serotonin receptors, are in coincide with earlier two seconds III data from the SAMURAI bookwork. Lilly is also embark oning the CGRP inhibitor galcanezumab for migraine. (MedPage Today)

The genetic check-up concern 23andMe is meet forcing with Lundbeck and the Milken Tenderfoot on a 25,000-patient investigation on depression and bipolar muddle. (CNBC)

Mitobridge says it has started a clinical tribulation with its PPAR-delta modulator MA-0211 as a treatment for Duchenne strapping dystrophy.

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