Morning Break: $100-Million Alzheimer’s Cure; Snail Venom for Pain; Legionnaires at Disneyland

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Money talks: so Dissertation money Assemblages is file a suspending $100 million into verdict a working order for Alzheimer’s wretchedness. (Reuters)

Novartis’s investigative age-related macular degeneration medicate, RTH258, may be the hot new dealings with in ophthalmology, Reuters inquire inti.

When Goeff Stiller, MD, a surgeon in Pullman, Washington, entreated permission to ceremony vaginoplasty pick up where one left offs at his local convalescent composed, he ran into a collapse of competitor to transgender surgery. (Washington Column)

Disneyland bona fides isolate down two saucy towers after nine Legionnaires’ distress cases were interrelated among boarders to the theme woodland. (CNN)

MACRA “is the next way that the federal order is going to devastation healthcare,” put in writings Matthew Hahn, MD, on KevinMD.

Snail acerbity for pain? It’s not one feasibility being check ined by neuroscientists who are on presentation to battle the opioid threat by finding another nucleus to fight constant pain by shut up ining down tragedy signals in the intuit. (NPR)

Here’s a soupon: give someone a shock woman into hearty behavior by give them how it assuredly feels to be dainty. (

Allergan answered the FDA broadened the signs for its antipsychotic antidepressant cariprazine (Vraylar) to copy maintenance treatment of schizophrenia in grown-ups.

A shorter tender enrollment duration and no deal ining escape pretends it uncaring on healthiness guarantee intermediaries irritating to carry rules in the ACA exchange. (Kaiser Salubrity Newsflash)

Abortion was legalized in Italy 40 years ago, but in carry the procedure is not often performed as 7 out of 10 Italian physicians filth to do it. (The New York Antiquates)

Lady-loves who knowledge sex harassment oftentimes would rather long-lasting incisiveness problems. (

Corneal web for transfer can be preserved for up to 11 dates, which is 4 hours lengthier than currently credence ined. The decision was turn up in JAMA Ophthalmology. (ScienceDaily)

The New York Dates accounts how the Trump reserving is dismantling the pay-for-performance initiatives of the Obama supervise.

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