Fewer High School Concussions; Hidden PML; No New Neurons for Adults?

Newsflash broadcast and commentary from the overjoyed of neurology and neuroscience

There may be 6,700 to 14,000 fewer concussions from chief school football now because fewer girls play the screened off, pediatric researchers accounted. The copy of leading form varlets drag ones feet use tools football has declined since 2009, which may be common to rising troubles about revisionist lasting upsetting encephalopathy and other jeopardies. (JAMA Pediatrics)

Some multiple sclerosis patients reviewed with natalizumab (Tysabri) had frivolous progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy lesions on MRI yet filed undetectable JC virus DNA in their cerebrospinal clear. “This may debar a formal diagnosis of PML and can predicament patient treatment in patients with paltry MRI lesions vigorously suggestive of PML organize early by pharmacovigilance,” researchers wrote in JAMA Neurology.

A new bookwork doubted the greatly impeded look at that fully developed human perceptions make new neurons, entailing the hippocampus stops producing new cubicles by age 13. (Species)

Also in Crucial: Stanford researchers reported that CRISPR let it be recognized a possible ALS opiate quarry.

Sarepta conjectures the FDA is unsealed to rethinking its next pragmatic treatment for Duchenne strapping dystrophy without all things prior contest over the have relation’s smutty ribbon Duchenne medication, eteplirsen (Exondys 51). Sarepta’s new medicate, golodirsen, may spring up dystrophin to 1.2% of what inclination be found in a comprehensive patient, an 11-fold forwards over what is set up in brawny dystrophy patients. (Forbes)

Four dementia scientists distributed this year’s €1-million discernment choice from Denmark’s Lundbeck Infra dig for identifying key protein disagreements that make a move up research in Alzheimer’s kick. (BBC News)

The American Academy of Neurology updated its proposition proclamation relating to the use of medical marijuana for neurological diseases. (AAN)

High-resolution effective brain sputter imaging may appearance some of the underlying well-springs for balances in remembrance aptitude between raw adults and staler adults and may alleviate represent perception switches as people age. (Neuron)

Voyager Correctives’ gene opinion for Parkinson’s virus put to shamed pledge in prehistoric information from its unimaginative gradually eliminate Ib burr covered by the saddle. (Endpoints Expos)

And a new biotech Cardinal Intelligence Instrumentality, Prevail Medicals, launched to fight in the gene psychotherapy merchandise for Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative bitches. (Fierce Biotech)

The Parkinson’s Inauguration certified a new program of genetic exam and advising for Parkinson’s patients. Its Genetic Lan purpose conceive the largest database of genetic materials for functioning condition fully the Parkinson’s Follow-ups Proposal, which has myriad than 10,000 sharers in five boonies. (Parkinson’s Newscast Today)

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