Vitamin K’s Role in Bone Health

Vitamin K is commonly result in leafy environmental vegetables and apple-polishes a obese character in blood clotting. la mode studies bear up that it may also be sustaining a critical job in bone robustness, and that its supplementation may be a budding cure for osteoporosis.


Vitamin K (VK) is luckily differentiated for its quintessential place in blood clotting, but now scientists are firmness evidence to innuendo at that it has an additional lay of the land in bone haleness. Bone up ons support that the nutrient may attitude an integral chiefly in increasing bone grit and reducing jeopardy of crack. Due to an not enough legions of contemplates, battle findings and limitations in look at method, VK supplementation is not yet clinically bullyragged as a treatment for post-menopausal bone check. Palermo and associates went to influence VK’s serves on bone exuberance via a systematic upon of earlier investigations. Their manifestoes are published in Metabolism.

The one committee outs vitamin K in the intestines, but not at a satisfactorily rate to choose care of bracing prones. The the greater part of VK is purchased from one end to the other fast, from bosky sward vegetables and instal oils. Bodily quickens are quite paltry and are easily depleted without licit intake. Inferring VK’s pre-eminence within the set-up can be confusing, as researchers are undecided on whether plasma rap downs or enterprise equals are first to assessment its pre-eminence. How to first assign these parameters is also up for cast doubt, further make a shambling studios that make an effort to determine VK’s element in bone constitution.

VK moves as a cofactor of an enzyme that carboxylates proteins in the bone convey pathway. Carboxylation pillars bone mineralization, whereas decarboxylation limits calcium and hydroxyapatite absorb, which vexations up a large percentage of healthy child bone. VK may also sine qua non a transcriptional regulatory job in selling bone constitution and suppressing bone resorption.

As a guide, VK seems to be associated with increased bone organism and bone aggregate density, and negatively correlated with bone deterioration and jeopardy of cleave. In any way, most ponders that assess the thrive of VK have apparent limitations. These grant for small sampler measure assesses, shortage of differentiation between pre- and post-menopausal women, low geographical variability, potentially ill self-reporting and unclear guestimates of VK status. Diversified comprehensive ponder overs with fewer limitations, and spellbinding into account VK’s interplay with other dietary nutrients at rhymes desire tender excess clearness as to its task in bone fettle.


A postcarded By: Wesley Tin, BMSc