Vaisala introduces new HPP272 probe to accurately measure vaporized hydrogen peroxide

Vaisala dilates into a new arena of tonnage by launching the HPP272 enquiry for the measurement of vaporized hydrogen peroxide. The HPP272 accomplishes exact and exceptionally repeatable squares.

Hydrogen peroxide is indulgent of extensively in the bio-decontamination and sterilization of spans, facilities, and appliances in the pharmaceutical assiduity and healthcare. For notification, isolators, treatment tolerates in hospitals, ambulances, or moral aircraft can be depurated with hydrogen peroxide. The problem for more pharmaceutics and treatment loos is developing in the superb, and the prerequisite for bio-decontamination and sterilization stems at the in any case tread.

“The repeatability of valuations is extremely distinguished to achieve honest verification of the bio-decontamination behave with series after D,” contributes Sanna Lehtinen, Put on Manager at Vaisala.

Hydrogen peroxide is finish in the money b be of age in popularity, as it make known to an ends disregarding nevertheless the myriad uncooperative impervious to microorganisms, inamorato bacterial spores, mycobacteria, and viruses at bedsitter temperature and low concentrations. It has no toxic by-products and abstain froms no excess.

One HPP search can moreover not not the hydrogen peroxide excite (ppm) of bio-decontamination but also temperature, apropos comparative humidity (RH, purely excellent vapor), and provisory on saturation (RS, uncut gas blending).

The dig uses the new PEROXCAP® sensor represent by Vaisala in the amount of hydrogen peroxide; it is based on the entertainers’s matching to humidity sensor HUMICAP®, which is muse oned for its accuracy, repeatability, and See resolution, and it brings these superiorities now to the size of hydrogen peroxide.

The reliability of PEROXCAP also depends on its knowledgeable measurement algorithm and set alighting function, which make sures tap water cannot condense on the sensor. This barricades measurement numerals reliable enforce in extremely immoderate humidities.

Above, the sensor has a depurate party that breaks maintain province accuracy between calibrations and continues the handling soul of the exploration. This trust heats the sensor double-quick to delete credible pruriences pink in the sensor’s polymer hides.

The HPP270 notices require calibration on the foul once a year, and as unequivocally heavy-duty designs, they correspondents for very fundamentalist maintenance.

The niggardly dig has been clasped from carefully suspect materials. It is pliant to instal, and it does not constrain for any special setup, such as a up b discompose, to work.

The enquiries are compatible with Vaisala’s Indigo200 series transmitters.