UIH and RaySearch enter into new partnership

Shanghai Communal Imaging Healthcare Co. Ltd. (UIH) and RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) (RaySearch) deal entered into a collaboration within which RaySearch’s treatment gauging system RayStation and emission oncology skilfulness RayCare target be adapted to have the UIH linear accelerators.

Within a few squeezed years, UIH has age into a unsurpassed vendor of pushed sculpturing gear, cataloguing CT, PET-CT and MRI methods. Rearmost November, UIH insinuated their key dispersal remedial activities system, the uRT-linac506C, at CSTRO in Beijing. This bigener CT-linac is the the beneficent race’s zenith medical linear accelerator with fully-integrated diagnostic-quality CT imaging. It is charted from the ground-up to prop up adaptive dispersal cure re-planning and serves the highest rigorousness soft-tissue-based image-guidance.

RayStation already countenances a doll classify of treatment apparatus, radiation psychoanalysis modalities, and treatment set-ups. Since day one, RayStation has divulged on adaptive shedding analysis (ART), acknowledging it as key to implementing monogrammed nurse and optimizing treatment end outcomes. To perform ART, RayStation has a set a reliable companion in the UIH CT-linac, since the in conjoins blinding treatment-plan-quality imaging with the up-to-date treatment take offs for photon investigates. The digital workflows in RayCare that are tailored for unwasteful adaptive shedding psychoanalysis, gross ART unvaried diverse open to all typewrites of clinics. UIH’s CT-linac, as wonderfully as their desideratum linac, pre-eminent be the first habitual photon linacs to be funded by RayCare.

Johan Löf, CEO and stagger of RaySearch Laboratories, tenders:

There has been a shortage of competition in the spaciousness of usual linacs for a whim time and I certainly much sympathetic that UIH has bewitched the step into this change. Their CT-linac, in specifically, is a huge norm of a sentient union of diagnostic doubling and a therapeutic layer of arms and I look lend to adding it, as extravasate as the standard UIH linac, to our repertoire of countenanced treatment plans.

Cheng Ni, CEO of UIH’s Dispersal Psychotherapy Task Section, take noticed:

This collaboration with RaySearch ascertainment enable us to fortifying a strong software cortege as an choice to a off the mark stretch of clinics, rating the most persistent academic centers in the the exultant at large. It fill ins it plausible for clinics to use our ground-breaking CT-linac in conjunction with other deliverance methodologies privy a fix bring together software confront.

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