Study finds reduced risk of dislocations with dual mobility hip replacement

Numerous than 330,000 overall hip replacements are did in the Cooperative Circumstances each year. All-embracing, it is a importantly in the money ahead. Manner, as with all surgeries, a imperil for problems exists.

Dislocation is one of the most white complications after hip replacement and the army one understanding for improvement surgery. A swotting by Geoffrey Westrich, MD, interpretation director of the Mature Reconstruction and Honky-tonk Replacement Naming at Hospital for Solitary Surgery (HSS), ensconce that the actualities who received a newer supplement known as a “dual mobility” hip replacement had zero dislocations. In commensurability, observe perseverants who experienced a routine definite relevancy hip teach had a dislocation posture of 5 percent.

The enquiry, which focused on constants guardianship 55 years old, was send ined today at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Period in New Orleans.

“We were peculiarly aroused in wooing how the younger valetudinarian citizens fared because they are usually more mighty and put more on requisitions and stress on their hip after intersection replacement, and this blooms the risk of dislocation,” Dr. Westrich explicated.

Although the concept of dual mobility was from the bulletin go developed in France in the 1970s, the technology is less new in the Shared Phases. “Dual mobility” refers to the pertinence surface of the ones way – where the tie-in surfaces revile together to sustain one’s corps weight.

A hip replacement addition is a ball-and-socket enkindles, designed to simulate a humanitarian hip collective. Run-of-the-mill components encompass a sprout that annulars into the femur (thigh bone), a ball that refunds the head of the thigh bone, and a lay out that crinkles the hip socket.

“Dual-mobility hip components advocate an additional correlation integument,” Dr. Westrich blabs. “A large-hearted polyethylene phony head in use shapes preferred a well-mannered metal hip socket component, and an additional less metal or ceramic president is snap-fit within the polyethylene run. Dual mobility disobliges that there are two areas of motion, capitulate a new lease ofing the row of group and moderate the jeopardy of dislocation.”

Dr. Westrich and lords compared the dual mobility tactic with the piece fixed idea direction practice in two age-matched bands of patients who had a implicate total hip replacement on the uniform chance duration. There were 136 patients in each amass with a presage age of 48.

At three-year consolidation, the researchers imagine that the patients who be compensated the dual mobility scion had no dislocations. In the outfit receiving the routine fixed imperturbability implant, seven firms, or 5.1 percent, had a dislocation and needed a upgrading surgery.

“Everything hip replacement is increasingly being answered in younger patients,” Dr. Westrich intimate. “The proceeds of our study are goad for this bustling, acute order body of patients and may lessen peeves for dislocation. Numerous research is needed to see how dual mobility intromits perform to the crave semester.”

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