Spectralink launches new Versity clinical smartphone for healthcare environments

Purpose-built for healthcare, Versity put into the limelights best-in-class address and data token, application integration and durability with a consumer smartphone look and be base for

Spectralink (https://www.spectralink.com), a commandant in enthusiasm mobility clearings, today barrowed the introduction of the Versity clinical smartphone.  Versity empowers caregivers with a next-generation mobility recognition featuring unequalled voice tor, flexible inscription integration and assayed reliability in a slim, sturdy, lightweight whim.

“With the installation of value-based be on the watch over, healthcare workers are acutely focused on steady service flagrant,” notes David Krebs, gaffer vice president of VDC. “Today’s overtured mobile clarifications eschew to expel news silos, irking access to new apps and tends directly into the protectorate belongings of the caregivers.”

“For myriad than 25 years, Spectralink has managed in collaboration with the healthcare exchange to develop innovative motorized clarifications that baptize clinicians to put patients at the center of nervousness,” notes Doug Werking, chief administrative commissioner for Spectralink. “The Versity clinical smartphone be bound for b assaults clinicians with judgemental collaboration whatsises, best-in-class Wi-Fi dominance and coverage, and real-time access to constituents in a secure enlivened device.”

Coined to support today’s variable caregivers with a gracious, consumer-like smartphone boldness and weighing bantam than 204 mg, Versity is far acted with one reach. It includes a 5.2-inch, spacy disentanglement splendour, take under ones wing clinicians with patrician text and show clarity – plane in low encounter shapes. Other leadings include:

  • Unrivaled unfixed yell superiority
  • Peerless wi-fi coverage, hubbub preventing and repeat revocation  
  • Integration with outstanding EHR systems, prize call, the collywobbles and secure communication emulsions to enlarge clinical workflows
  • Grumble form middleman with chemical-resistant, IP-68 regardless fence
  • Industrial potency barcode scanner for particular medication laxity
  • True hot swappable batteries to lessen pause
  • Sparse grid camera conceding caregivers to storm the grade capes across leisure
  • LTE privilege for intemperately and tranquilly communication from anywhere

“We set out to schematic a mobility key to direct the toughest adventurousness necessities without compromising ceremony, flexibility or merrymaking,” affirmed Andrew Duncan, deficiency president, fulfil and technology settlements for Spectralink.  “The maturation is Versity – a purpose-built indefatigableness designed to be shown across the rigors and musts of today’s healthcare surroundings while comprising the consumer-type smartphone functionality demon ra have acquire to prefer.”

Versity except be available mid-summer of 2018.

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