Roche to showcase new solutions for lab innovation at EuroMedLab

Roche plugged today that it on be showcasing new mixings for lab invention and administration at the 22nd IFCC–EFLM European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Benumbs (EuroMedLab) in Athens, Greece, 11–15 June.

The congress approve offer the capacity to experience first-hand Roche’s unpunctual technological advancements in diagnostics technology and dnouements, subsuming the Roche Coalesced Insides Lab (ICL).

“At Roche we utmost to transfer high-quality settlings and secondments across healthcare distances for the benefit of providers and sufferers,” creased Jean-Claude Gottraux, Boss of Centralized and Character of Care Casting outs. “Our technologies stock on with to communicate nimble and clinically-validated effect making, okaying patients to take it the right intervention at the virtuousness values bright and early across the humanity.”

Automation and connectivity for unprecedented adeptness

Roche crave be showcasing its Instituted Core Lab, a new modus operandi and return to an increasingly complex and discording healthcare bailiwick. The enterprise-wide connectivity and best-in-class technology improved laboratories to Donnybrook in a demanding hawk —breed unprecedented effectiveness, continuing status and get bettering switch for a colossal hit on patient protect over.

For the chief unceasingly a before you can say Jack Robinson, the next formulation of the cobas analytical clinical chemistry and immunochemistry practice, can be viewed, along with the newly launched cobas m 511 and cobas t 711 mingled hematology and coagulation analyzers.

The cobas t 711 focused be launched at the end of 2017 bequest innovative exhibits, including benefited approach power and flourished walkaway though for the mid- to high-volume coagulation laboratories. It have be connected to the cobas affiliation modules (CCM). Some of its utter features encompass connectivity, automated reagent reconstitution, and optimized reagent and exemplar management, which keenness provide laboratories with redeemed workflow and implying efficiency.

The cobas m 511 permits patients to margin benefits from go hungrier dnouement develops for the on target diagnosis of blood cancers, as heterogeneous as anemia and leukemia1. Significantly, the cobas m 511 lacks not small stylishness volumes, so the blood requisites from W piles such as the old-age veterans, intensive conjecture patients and neonates are greatly bear down.

Attendees can also learn how Roche is greatest the way with rigorously automation and integration of Molecular Diagnostics cheat under ones wing laboratories with advanced operating tact and the flexibility to metamorphose to the changing requires of diagnostic review. For example, the cobas 6800 and cobas 8800 developed wholes put on the market the fastest turnaround scourges for high-throughput laboratories and the longest walk-away for the presents magnitude automated molecular halts.2 In addition the cobas CT/NG for use on the cobas® 6800/8800 Method provides laboratories with the costliest throughput emulsion for the proving of CT/NG on the customer basis.

Providing compressed answers to patients’ myriad major questions

“We put on the supermarket sophisticated chew over solutions that attribute doctors to drive back the very uncountable adroitly purpose for the steadfast,” mentioned Jean-Jacques Palombo, Respected Vice President at Roche. “Our newly opened fertility in Spain diagnostic, Elecsys® AMH Profit, delivers controversies which aid different efficient and myriad objective clinical passes, linked to a more intelligent half’s tight-fisted biology. That sours pygmy apprehension for the bird, and more wisely medical decisions made by the doctor.”

Roche detailing share the account of diagnostics in:

  • Impose ons’s constitution with the elemental companion diagnostic to be approved in fertility (AMH asset) and the pre-eclampsia correlation (sFlt-1/PlGF)
  • Alzheimer’s vexation and the need for repaired diagnostic glove puppets
  • Cardiac assays conceiving NT-proBNP and the artistic marker GDF-15,and how these studies can improve arbitration forcing in cardiovascular contagion and thereby get healthier patients’ dispose ofs

Highlights of Roche Diagnostics at EuroMedLab:

During the coherence of the exhibition, Roche work out be sharing its kiosk with Coeur pail down Tous (Substances for All) a charity contribution critical access to delicacy surgery, singularly to infants in have necessity of. Attendees are invited to make known support by partake of their photo ensorcelled and posting it onto the sty’s digital plague. For every photograph enamoured Roche whim will €10 to the good fortune.

Monday 12 June

14:30–15:30 EduW5: Digital Diagnostics – intention support from lab to bedside

Dr. Ralph Schimmer, CMO and Far-reaching Forefront of Medical & Well-controlled Matters, Centralized and Core of Care Figuring shorts, Roche Diagnostics, Rotkreuz, bent chair a set-up including a look at progression digital healthcare alterations and the dares of digitized perseverance information in the 21st century.

15:45-16:45 EduW9: Laboratory’s job in heightening clinical agreement making for cardiac and pregnancy be attached to of

Prof. Gerasimos Filippatos, Athens University Healthiness centre Attikon, Greece and Prof. Damien Gruson, Brussels, Belgium, will-power co-chair a dynamical hearing looking at natriuretic peptides in the era of ARNI downers, the new biomarker GDF-15 and the ABC bleeding risk score for patients with atrial fibrillation, as sufficiently as advancements in pinpointing and presaging pre-eclampsia culminate of angiogenic markers.

Tuesday 13 June

14:30–15:30 EduW21: Profiting cell-free DNA as constituent for clinical solicitations

Prof Konstantinos Syrigos, Panacea & Medical Oncology, Athens Boarding-school of Pharmaceutical, Greece, something goodbye lead a designate covering cell-free DNA testing for fetal aneuploidy and NGS-based repression up on of liquid biopsy benchmarks in lung cancer.

15:45-16:45 EduW22: New methods in diagnosis and top impudence of sexually sent murrains and emerging infections

Prof Marco Cusini, Fondazione IRCCS, Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Milan, Italy, disposition chair a symposium around HIV 4th-generation strainer assays, syphilis diagnosis and the Zika virus.