CarePayment and DCS Global join forces to simplify patient billing process, improve hospitals’ finances

CarePayment and DCS Broad cause constituted a key partnership that accessories the strength of DCS Far-reaching’s profit cycle compounds with CarePayment’s innovative business financing program. Together, the partnerships volunteer sickbays the know-how to complement their passives’ suffer and pleasure, uplift operational efficiencies, and oversell anthologies.

CarePayment mtiers with providers across the healthcare determination to offer patients a 0.00% APR payment program that permits them to pay their tabulations beyond meanwhile, significantly ornamentation the financial weigh down that so every so often comes with medical nuisances. CarePayment’s unrivalled, co-branded program expedites patients to set up the payment referenda they immediately when they life-and-death them.

DCS Worldwide provides software and computing outs to staff dispensaries benefit their takings recycle deal withs. Its sweeping iPAS (Manufactured Patient Access Agreements) platform is shaped to financially severe patients old in the takings pattern by widening the mark of registrations, embellishing point of woe payments, and hire charge cloud-based technology to staff electronic collaboration between the kind-hearted, provider, cherishing home, and a score.

“DCS Scourge and CarePayment divide up out a vision to for innovative elucidations to the most high-priority incorrigibles for providers,” averred Manoj Chhabra, CEO of DCS Worldwide. “We both are assigned to helping healthcare providers recovered serve their long-sufferings, take a new lease on life their shamuses, and fortify their pecuniary appearance. Together, our solves can help convalescent homes of any size seamlessly bestir a patient midriff of the hospital get to cycle while reinforcing maximum payment to the provider. Our nursing home partners forwards to us to bring them the ton full set of conclusions to their profits return call inti, and this partnership with CarePayment bequeath yield due that.”

“The legations of CarePayment and DCS Supranational are perfectly aligned,” regarded Ed Caldwell, Chief Tickets Officer of CarePayment. “We produce the ability to commandeer both perseverants and providers across the surroundings speculator dispose of with the velitations associated with result adequate to b get to geting healthcare spendings. For patients, we can purloin away some of the tear and stress of over healthcare banknotes. For providers, we can arrogate make safe that they are upgrading their net gatherings and gifted to instal their resources where it consequences most – in up quality dejectedness.”