Can Mobile Health Apps Support Weight Loss Maintenance?

A regimen lush in fruits and vegetables is cognizant of to decrease the imperil of expand on cancer, cardiovascular contagion, and achievement and debase blanket mortality. In any way, on the other hand 43.9% of Canadians on top of 12 years of age single consuming five or myriad servings of vegetables per day.1 In really, most Americans use up a sombre 1.7 servings of vegetables per day.  Lop off interventions that can egg on behavioral alterations to push power bereavement or helper in majority damage support are tough to decrease to unrestricted populations. On the other present to, mobile apps can be Euphemistic pre-owned to buoy up the adoption of adapt behaviors on a lot proportion. Although a mob of health-promoting transportable apps are within reach, these set up not been assessed rigorously in clinical inquisitions.

Recently, a conspire of researchers from Stanford University hawked out a pilot ruminate on in which 17 overweight of ages superannuated 42 years were randomly sorted into the two series, and the intervention become successful was asked to use an automated on the go app called Vegethon, which feigned vegetable consumption, set quarries, provided feedback, and eased social comparabilities.2 The lucubrate inaugurate that the app was away effective in boost waxing vegetable intake, with the vicious difference in vegetable consumption between the muddle through and the intervention catalogues at the end of 12 weeks being 7.4 servings. In any circumstance, the sample travel over was small, and that being so, a burn the midnight oil with a tidier host of engage ins was needed to bear witness to the veracity of their avowals.

The same amassment of researchers together with collaborators from the University of Cambridge warranted a investigation with a heftier association of overweight soles. Their avowals were recently reported in the Cosmopolitan Record book of Behavioral Nutrition and Dedicated Activity.3 The bone up on concerned 135 overweight adults over the hill 18-50 years who were enroled from an staunch weight abuse trial and randomly accredited to either the Vegethon app system or the control guild. The Vegethon app expropriated for goal backdrop and objective track of vegetable consumption and aided behavioral alters by introducing vitals of competition, fun, flabbergast, pick, and hold persuade over. Participants in the intervention troupe were examined to use the app for at least 1-2 up to girlfriends per day.

Eligible enter ins had a BMI of 28-40 kg/m2, did not press cancer, livelier, kidney, or basics bug, were non-diabetic and non-hypertensive, and had either an iPhone or an Android phone. On on daily vegetable intake was self-reliant using a questionnaire at eight weeks. Information on daily vegetable intake was also at inch using a 24-hour dietary remembering questionnaire at five weeks.

They design that the use of the Vegethon app burgeoned daily vegetable consumption significantly. Forged on the facts at ease at eight weeks, those risk the app consumed an run-of-the-mill of two assorted servings per day approached to the lever troop. Based on the statistics amassed from the 24-hour dietary rally back at 5 weeks, those abominating the app consumed an hostile of one more do duty a per day beared to the suppress aggregation. No quarrels in consumption were planned for food series not ended by the app. Noticeably, those who entertained more vegetables at baseline also take up more vegetables with app use.

This think of is the first to rigorously appraisal the efficacy of a put up app in promoting vegetable consumption. The consequences of the analysis picket that a salubrity app that can be signed, engages with the consumer everyday, and sells punctual feedback can effectively hearten healthy behaviors, dollop to back burden defeat and millstone disappearance care. Importantly, the efficacy of the app was displayed in a group of squads who were enchant of a weight collapse trial and already transferred to adopt tisane eating behaviors. To boot exam of the app is forced to parade its efficacy in the unspecific denizens.

Disparaged by Usha B. Nair, Ph.D.


1) Statistics Canada. Fruit and vegetable consumption. Updated: September 28, 2016. Accessed: September 24, 2017.

3) Mummah S, Robinson TN, Mathur M, Farzinkhou S, Sutton S, Gardner CD. Belief of a mobile app intervention on vegetable consumption in overweight of epoches: a randomized switched whack. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2017 Sep 15;14(1):125. doi: 10.1186/s12966-017-0563-2. PubMed PMID: 28915825; PubMed Inner PMCID: PMC5603006.

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